High Chair in Manhattan Apartment

Posted by Alina on Saturday Oct 18, 2008 Under Baby Products, feeding

We live in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, as seems to be happening more and more with new families, according to a recent NY Times article. As a result of having limited space, I had some serious thinking to do when choosing a high chair. When I went to a store to look at them, I was surprised at the amount of floor space that most of them required. Even if the chair part looks small, the base is typically quite large. As a gift, I received the Phil and Teds Mee Too chair. I think this is a fantastic product! This chair attaches to most tables and counter tops, is very light weight (2 lbs), easy to clean, and folds up flat to the size slightly larger than a laptop, making it great for going out to restaurants and traveling. It can hold up to 40 lbs and has a 3-point safety belt. We typically have it attached to our dining table, so our six month old son can sit with us during meals. We bring it along when we go to visit family, which frees up our hands during dinner and makes him feel like he’s part of the activities.

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