Amazing books for babies

Posted by Alina on Saturday Mar 3, 2012 Under Baby Products

indestructiblesI have recently discovered a new type of Indestructibles book for babies. You may be thinking of board books, but this is something different. These are thin books, they feel like paper, are very colorful, cannot be torn, and can be washed with water and soap! And the best part is, babies seem to love them, well at least my baby and my friends’ babies. My seven month old son has chewed, pulled, scrunched, thrown, and done whatever else he could to this little book, and even after a good washing with dish soap, it looks great, and the colors remain vibrant. This book can even be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine. This is definitely a new favorite in our household!

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Big Boy Bed

Posted by Alina on Saturday Dec 4, 2010 Under Baby Products

In anticipation of potty training at some point in the not too distant future, we have decided to switch our two year old son to a big boy bed. We chose a twin with a bed rail rather than a toddler bed as it would last much longer and  my husband or I can lay with our son when we read before going to sleep or when he is sick.

I brought my sonIMG_0291 to a furniture store to help me pick a bed, in hopes of making the transition easier. He seemed to gravitate toward any bed with blue colored sheets/covers. The bed didn’t matter at all, as long as he liked the linens. So, instead, he helped me pick out a quilt for his bed, which was blue (his favorite at the moment), with clouds and airplanes, and he could not be happier. We told everyone about his big boy bed and he would bring all visitors to his room to show it off. He slept beautifully in it from the first night and has never looked back at the crib. In fact, he is now refusing to use a crib at his grandparents’ houses. I worried about him waking up at night and getting out of the bed, but it has been about five months now and although he is physically able to do it himself, whenever he wakes up, he calls for one of us to come and get him. I guess old habits are hard to shake.

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Formula Recall

Posted by Alina on Thursday Sep 23, 2010 Under Baby Products, baby safety, health

Screen shot 2010-09-23 at 11.29.40 AMAbbott Laboratories is recalling Similac powedered infant formula due to possible contamination with insect parts. Liquid formula is unaffected. The company said, insects were discovered in one part of a manufacturing plant in Michigan and the area was shut down for investigation. Although the affected formula does not pose an immediate health risk, it may cause stomach ache and indigestion, according to the FDA.

To check if your batch is affected and for a refund, go to, or call the company’s hotline at (800) 986-8850.

Here is the press release from the FDA.

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Savings Program for Parents

Posted by Alina on Monday Sep 20, 2010 Under Baby Products, pregnancy, toddlers

Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 12.18.49 PMThe new Amazon Mom program is a free membership program, that allows primary caregivers of young children to save on various products. You can get 30% off on select diapers and wipes with Subscribe and Save, as well as get 3 months of Free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. More free months can be earned when you make purchases. Subscribe and Save allows you  to sign up for automatic diaper and/or wipes delivery service, on a schedule of your choosing, which is a great feature for busy parents! You can modify or cancel this service at any time. If you provide your child’s name, birthday, and gender (which are all optional), Amazon will help you find the deals geared toward your child’s needs at the right time in your baby’s development. The program, despite it’s name, is not only for moms, but is open to all primary caregivers.  Amazon does state that parents of younger kids will enjoy some extra benefits. Overall, it sounds like a great deal! And it’s FREE!

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Staying Dry

Posted by Alina on Wednesday Apr 7, 2010 Under Baby Products


My son now has his very own umbrella! I thought this one looked cute online, but it was even better in person! Light in weight, so it is easy for my toddler to control it, but quite sturdy. He is able to open and close it by himself. The tips of the spokes have plastic balls on them, so he cannot poke himself in the eye.  My little guy walked around the apartment with this umbrella for a couple of days until we got some rain and he had a chance for a real test drive. This was definitely a great buy! He keeps asking for it whenever something reminds him of an umbrella and will play with it for about 20 minutes, which is super long in toddler time!

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Product recall

Posted by Alina on Thursday Feb 11, 2010 Under Baby Products, baby safety

wind chimeTiny Love has recalled it’s wind chime toys because if the toy is pulled apart, metal rods would be exposed, posing puncture and laceration hazards to the baby. The recall involves wind chime toys sold separately, with the Gymini Kick and Play Activity Gym and Tiny Smarts Gift Sets.

For more information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,  click here.

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Best gift of the season

Posted by Alina on Saturday Jan 2, 2010 Under Baby Products

guitarMy 20 month old son loves music and especially loves when my husband plays guitar. My son is able to name a song which he wants to hear and my husband is able to play it and change the tune as fast as my son can name the next one. It is amazing to watch the two of them, as if they’re in their own little world, full of happiness and music.

As my son is getting older, he tries to imitate his parents more and more, it’s a phase of social development when kids get to “try on different hats” and see what type of response they get. For the holidays, he received a gift that seems to have topped all other gifts. It is his own, little, toddler sized acoustic guitar. It has 6 real metal strings, comes with a pick and an extra string. Although it goes out of tune pretty quickly, my son absolutely LOVES it. He can be just like his papa. He has been strumming it and singing for 5 days straight. He carries it all around the apartment, climbs onto furniture with it, has to have it in sight when he is eating, and loves to play it together with his dad. Even if there is no musician in your family, I think your toddler would enjoy this toy. However, if there is a guitar playing family member, you will have absolutely no regrets about this purchase!

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Leg warmers

Posted by Alina on Tuesday Sep 29, 2009 Under Baby Products, Uncategorized

babylegsWith the cold season just around the corner, I thought I’d post about a useful product to help keep your baby warm. When my son was just a tiny infant last winter, I felt that just having him in lined pants was not enough to keep his little legs warm while outside. I bought a couple of pairs of “boy colored” tights for him to wear under his pants, which were great while outside, but were a bit of a hassle to remove when we got to our indoor destinations. That’s when I discovered BabyLegs! These are adorable leg warmers which for an infant cover the legs from thigh to ankle. They are easily removed without having to take off the child’s pants when getting to a class or some place where you want to stay for a while. These come in many fun prints to keep their little legs toasty and stylish.

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Umbrella Stroller

Posted by Alina on Wednesday Aug 19, 2009 Under Baby Products

chicco-c6I purchased a Chicco C6 umbrella stroller a few months ago for the purpose of having a lightweight, compactly collapsible stroller for travel and running quick errands around town. Overall it is a nice stroller, easy to push, very light-weight (11 lbs), has a slight recline feature, and comes with a travel bag and carry strap, which can be attached to the stroller or the bag. It seems quite durable, and my 16 month old son loves to sit in it. He gets excited when he sees the stroller and climbs right in. The one main negative aspect that I have found is that the handles are a bit low. I’m 5’5″ and when walking with this stroller for a while, my back begins to ache. It is certainly too low and uncomfortable for my husband to push (he’s 5’11”). Other cons are that I end up kicking the wheels when pushing the stroller and the shopping basket is quite small. Overall it is a good stroller and well priced for a sturdy light weight category, however, after a few months I am considering trading it in for something with higher handles.

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Fun with Latches

Posted by Alina on Friday Jun 26, 2009 Under Baby Products

latchesWe have recently received the Melissa and Doug deluxe latches board as a gift and it is an excellent toy. We have several wooden puzzles and this one seems to hold greatest interest for my 14 month old son. I must mention that he loves locks, keys and any little metal thing that he can fiddle with. The toy is educational; kids will learn colors, numbers, and various animals. They will also work on their fine and gross motor skills while learning how to open and close six types of different latches. The board also functions as a good memory game: we ask my son to show us which house the dogs live in, or the fish… The toy says it is for ages 3 and up, but my 14 month old loves it and so I highly recommend it!

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