Best gift of the season

Posted by Alina on Saturday Jan 2, 2010 Under Baby Products

guitarMy 20 month old son loves music and especially loves when my husband plays guitar. My son is able to name a song which he wants to hear and my husband is able to play it and change the tune as fast as my son can name the next one. It is amazing to watch the two of them, as if they’re in their own little world, full of happiness and music.

As my son is getting older, he tries to imitate his parents more and more, it’s a phase of social development when kids get to “try on different hats” and see what type of response they get. For the holidays, he received a gift that seems to have topped all other gifts. It is his own, little, toddler sized acoustic guitar. It has 6 real metal strings, comes with a pick and an extra string. Although it goes out of tune pretty quickly, my son absolutely LOVES it. He can be just like his papa. He has been strumming it and singing for 5 days straight. He carries it all around the apartment, climbs onto furniture with it, has to have it in sight when he is eating, and loves to play it together with his dad. Even if there is no musician in your family, I think your toddler would enjoy this toy. However, if there is a guitar playing family member, you will have absolutely no regrets about this purchase!

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