Nursing Pillows

Posted by Alina on Sunday Sep 28, 2008 Under Baby Products, mommy products

I have tried three kinds of nursing pillows; Boppy, My Breast Friend, and my latest discovery, the Inflatable My Breast Friend. I think they are all great for nursing, and found that I preferred one or the other depending on where I sat to nurse. In the rocker I prefer the Boppy, probably because the seat is rather narrow. When on the couch or a chair, I like using the My Breast Friend.


The nice thing about the Boppy is that it can be used for purposes other than nursing, such as support for the baby during tummy time (when he/she is really young), or to help the baby sit and have padding all around. Another use is when you come home after giving birth, if you were so lucky as to end up with painful hemorrhoids, it makes for a fantastic sitting surface, so I’ve heard.

My Breast Friend is nice because it is shaped so there is no gap at all between mom and baby and is attached to the mother for a secure snug fit. Also, because it wraps around the mother’s body, it provides some lumbar support.

If I had to buy only one, I would get the Inflatable My Breast Friend. My husband and I recently traveled with our five-month old son and I bought the inflatable pillow for the trip. It feels very similar to the regular My Breast Friend pillow, comes with a cover, and collapses to a small plastic cylinder that can easily be tucked into the diaper bag. It takes a bit of work to inflate it (by mouth) and you have to deflate it by slowly rolling it up from the distal end pushing out all the air, while squeezing the nozzle with your other hand. It took my husband 1-2 minutes to blow it up, and took me about 2 minutes to deflate it. I think it is definitely worth the effort, considering the reduced strain on the mother’s back and arms during nursing and while the baby is taking a nap (when on a plane or train). When using it at home, you blow it up once and then don’t have to bother with it until you need to travel. (I bought my inflatable one at The Upper Breast Side on the upper west side of Manhattan, and it cost $22 and came with the slip cover.)

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How to keep fellow travelers patient when your baby is crying

Posted by Alina on Monday Sep 22, 2008 Under useful tips

Do you remember traveling before you had kids of your own? Perhaps you have encountered a screaming baby somewhere on the plane that drove you a little crazy. Your first impression of this poor little guy or girl was probably not the most favorable and you may recall what you were feeling or thinking to this day, probably feeling a bit guilty now.
Once I became a mom, a woman named Ellen shared a great piece of wisdom with me and I got to try it out this past week, while on an eleven-hour train ride from NYC to Montreal, Canada, with my husband and five-month old son.
Early on the trip, it’s a good idea to walk around with your baby when he/she is in a good mood and let people meet him/her happy and smiling. They will get to meet an adorable, smiling baby and this will help to soften their reactions and illicit greater sympathy if or when this same baby or toddler has a crying or screaming fit later during the trip. I was surprised how nice and engaging strangers are when you have a smiling baby in your arms.

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Bath Tubs

Posted by Alina on Monday Sep 15, 2008 Under Baby Products

In my five months of being a mom, I feel that I have tried out more baby bath tubs than average. At first I bought the Complete Care 4 Stage Bath Center by Safety 1st. This tub can be made longer or shorter by a sliding mechanism, however, because of this feature, this tub is impossible to fill with water beyond the depth of ~1/2 inch, thus making it impossible to submerge a child of any age. My son screamed and screamed whenever we tried to bathe him in it, probably because he was wet and feeling cold. As a gift, after purchasing the tub I just mentioned, I received a Eurobath by Primo. This tub has some protrusions built in for a reclined position as well as an upright sitting position, but the tub is HUGE. It is way too big to keep in our Manhattan apartment. Also, it did not work well for our son in the first couple of months of his life, because he just did not fit securely in the reclined portion.

After some research on the internet, I bought the Prince Lionheart washPOD. I’m pretty skeptical of any product that is advertised to be “like the womb…”, but I was desperate to bathe my son without him screaming the whole time, so I bought this $28 plastic bucket. It has smooth edges  and a seating insert. My son LOVED this tub. He was submerged in water up to his chest, he could feel the walls of the tub with his arms and legs, providing a feeling of containment and this was finally when all three of us really started to enjoy bath time. My son stopped crying and screaming, and my husband and I could finally relax and look forward to when “that time” in the evening came around. The manufacturer says this washPOD can be used until the child is 6 months old. Now at 5 months of age, our son is too big for it (he’s 27.5 inches long), but it served us well and I’m really glad we bought it.

Since my son has outgrown the washPOD, I had to go searching once again. My newest purchase in the bathing category is the The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub. It is wonderful. The tub is not too big. The baby can be reclined or sitting, depending on how he/she is facing. The tub also comes with a material sling that snaps on and is meant to hold a younger baby atop the water. I am able to fill the tub, so my son is submerged up to his chest and does not get cold. At the age of 5 months, we are using the reclined sitting side, but I’m sure he will prefer the upright sitting portion pretty soon. I have used it for about 3 weeks now and am very satisfied.

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Stroller thoughts once again

Posted by Alina on Thursday Sep 11, 2008 Under Baby Products

It has been two months since I wrote my original post about how I chose my stroller. After much research I chose the Baby Jogger City Series Elite. Back in July, I said that having had some experience as a mom, I may have chosen a different one because I could not have my son facing me once he grew out of the basinette. I’m taking back what I said. I am LOVING this stroller. The one fantastic feature that I did not talk about is how much the seat reclines (near flat). My son gets tired of being in the seated position after an while and this feature allows him to hang out on his tummy play, and look around through the netting in the back of the stroller. It’s also a great feature for when he falls asleep for his nap, because I can recline to almost flat, which keeps him sleeping longer. I have not seen many strollers, except perhaps Phil and Ted’s, that allow for an older child (beyond basinette age), to lie almost flat, and get some tummy time in the stroller.

Because this stroller reclines so much, it is not recommended for jogging or running, but it is absolutely wonderful for walking around New York City. The large (12″), inflatable tires make it very easy to maneuver on any surface, including uneven sidewalks, curbs, grass, and even subway stairs (which I had the pleasure of negotiating earlier today).

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