alinabigapplemomcom_143b5fbbMy name is Alina. I’m a mom of two wonderful little guys. Originally I am from the former Soviet Union, came here as a kid, and have really blended into a regular New Yorker. My husband, sons, and I live in the Greater NY area, and maintain a rather active lifestyle. I hold a doctorate degree in physical therapy, and specialize in treating orthopedic and spine pathologies, as well as injury prevention. I devoted much of my time to each of my boys for the first year of their lives, loved every minute, and am now back in the workforce, ¬†always trying to strike the right balance between family and career. I tend to be practical, analytical, and resourceful.

When I started motherhood, I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. The goal of this blog is to share some things that I have learned through experience and trial and error. The product reviews are my own experiences and are meant to share my thoughts, which lead to certain decisions. The stories are meant to entertain, and help the other moms out there feel like they are not alone. I hope you find the ‘body mechanics’ section useful as I try to impart some of my professional expertise as it relates to parenthood and it’s various challenges.