How I learned to give baby Tylenol

Posted by Alina on Saturday Jun 21, 2008 Under baby safety

As a reaction to his first immunization shots, at 2 months of age, our son developed a fever. The pediatrician recommended baby tylenol. My husband picked up some pink, cherry flavored baby tylenol which comes in liquid form with a dropper and when we tried to give it to our son, it ended up all over his shirt. Babies tend to use their tongue (reflexively) to push things that go into their mouths, out. The trick as we learned, is to place the tip of the dropper into the cheek on one side of the baby’s mouth and squeeze a couple of drops. Wait till he swallows, and then do it again.

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skin behind ears

Posted by Alina on Thursday Jun 12, 2008 Under useful tips

My 2 month old son has been having some dry, crusty skin behind his ears, which smells a bit. I spoke to the pediatrician about it, and he said that it’s eczema (a form of dermatitis). Rather than scratching it off, I should make sure to thoroughly dry behind his ears after a bath, and apply Aquaphor (ointment) to the area twice a day. It worked great! After a few days, his skin was back to normal.

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