Subway stations with elevators

Posted by Alina on Sunday Aug 30, 2009 Under useful tips

nyc-subway-map1Since many mamas like to/need to get around town by subway, and some fear it because of limited elevator access, I thought I would post a couple of useful links to help you all navigate the NYC subway system with greater confidence.

Here is a link to subway stations in the five boroughs that have elevators from the platform to the street:

In case you worry that the elevator may be out of service, which sometimes happens, here is a link to that information, which the MTA updates regularly:

When I  find myself at a station with no elevator or one that is out of order,  people passing by are usually quite helpful when I need a hand, especially in Manhattan. There are tons of nice New Yorkers out there, sometimes, you just have to ask.

Happy travels!

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Umbrella Stroller

Posted by Alina on Wednesday Aug 19, 2009 Under Baby Products

chicco-c6I purchased a Chicco C6 umbrella stroller a few months ago for the purpose of having a lightweight, compactly collapsible stroller for travel and running quick errands around town. Overall it is a nice stroller, easy to push, very light-weight (11 lbs), has a slight recline feature, and comes with a travel bag and carry strap, which can be attached to the stroller or the bag. It seems quite durable, and my 16 month old son loves to sit in it. He gets excited when he sees the stroller and climbs right in. The one main negative aspect that I have found is that the handles are a bit low. I’m 5’5″ and when walking with this stroller for a while, my back begins to ache. It is certainly too low and uncomfortable for my husband to push (he’s 5’11”). Other cons are that I end up kicking the wheels when pushing the stroller and the shopping basket is quite small. Overall it is a good stroller and well priced for a sturdy light weight category, however, after a few months I am considering trading it in for something with higher handles.

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