Tips for traveling with a toddler

Posted by Alina on Tuesday Jul 21, 2009 Under useful tips

Here is a new trick that I learned from a more experienced mama, and it made a huge difference in a recent transatlantic flight with our toddler. Toddlers are very curious and will explore something new for a while, which gives you, the parent a nice break. I went to a toy store before our trip and bought about 7 or 8 little cheap toys (for example: a little change wallet, toy car, wind up toy, a magnetic doodle pad, etc..), and spent a grand total of $16. A 99 cent store would be an ideal place for this but I could not find one. I didn’t show any toys to my son before the trip and pulled out something new every hour or two during the flight. I was pleasantly surprised when the little change wallet filled with paper and pieces of card board cut out like cars, kept him busy and calm for almost 20 minutes! We also purchased a portable DVD player for this trip and Elmo kept our little guy’s attention during the meals when it was impossible to walk up and down the isles, competing with the food carts. Although novelty is the theme here, it’s also wise to bring some familiar toys or books to make your toddler a bit more comfortable in a new environment.

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