Big Boy Bed

Posted by Alina on Saturday Dec 4, 2010 Under Baby Products

In anticipation of potty training at some point in the not too distant future, we have decided to switch our two year old son to a big boy bed. We chose a twin with a bed rail rather than a toddler bed as it would last much longer and  my husband or I can lay with our son when we read before going to sleep or when he is sick.

I brought my sonIMG_0291 to a furniture store to help me pick a bed, in hopes of making the transition easier. He seemed to gravitate toward any bed with blue colored sheets/covers. The bed didn’t matter at all, as long as he liked the linens. So, instead, he helped me pick out a quilt for his bed, which was blue (his favorite at the moment), with clouds and airplanes, and he could not be happier. We told everyone about his big boy bed and he would bring all visitors to his room to show it off. He slept beautifully in it from the first night and has never looked back at the crib. In fact, he is now refusing to use a crib at his grandparents’ houses. I worried about him waking up at night and getting out of the bed, but it has been about five months now and although he is physically able to do it himself, whenever he wakes up, he calls for one of us to come and get him. I guess old habits are hard to shake.

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