Subway stations with elevators

Posted by Alina on Sunday Aug 30, 2009 Under useful tips

nyc-subway-map1Since many mamas like to/need to get around town by subway, and some fear it because of limited elevator access, I thought I would post a couple of useful links to help you all navigate the NYC subway system with greater confidence.

Here is a link to subway stations in the five boroughs that have elevators from the platform to the street:

In case you worry that the elevator may be out of service, which sometimes happens, here is a link to that information, which the MTA updates regularly:

When I  find myself at a station with no elevator or one that is out of order,  people passing by are usually quite helpful when I need a hand, especially in Manhattan. There are tons of nice New Yorkers out there, sometimes, you just have to ask.

Happy travels!

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