Stroller foot muff

Posted by Alina on Wednesday Nov 5, 2008 Under Baby Products

There are various foot muffs on the market. These are shaped like a sack, and are meant to attach to the stroller or car seat and keep a baby warm in cold weather. Many stroller manufacturers make their own brand to fit their particular strollers. There are also different kinds of foot muffs made for universal fit on any stroller.

I have been using the 7 a.m. Enfant Le Sac Igloo “LS500” foot muff and I think it is FANTASTIC. This brand makes several different models. This foot muff is very aesthetically pleasing. The features that I like about the LS500 is that it has zippers on both sides, and if the baby is feeling warm, then it easily flips back and stays open. There are even two snaps to make it stay in place when folded back. It can also be used a a whole sac or the top portion can be unzipped from the bottom and attached directly to the stroller. Also, the top half has a fleece lining that can be removed (snap buttons) making this product quite verstile. There are special slits in the bottom half for stroller straps, so that your baby can safely be buckled in. This foot muff is very warm, I have not had to put a jacket on my 6 month old son when the temperatures were in the 40’s Farenheight. The Igloo LS500 comes in three sizes (S, M, L). The Large one is meant to be used from 18mo-3T. My son is now almost 7 months old and I am using the Large one. It fits well on his stroller (Baby Jogger City Series Elite) and has plenty of room for him to grow. It also has a couple of pockets on the front, and is made of a water resistant outer layer.

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