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Posted by Alina on Thursday Sep 11, 2008 Under Baby Products

It has been two months since I wrote my original post about how I chose my stroller. After much research I chose the Baby Jogger City Series Elite. Back in July, I said that having had some experience as a mom, I may have chosen a different one because I could not have my son facing me once he grew out of the basinette. I’m taking back what I said. I am LOVING this stroller. The one fantastic feature that I did not talk about is how much the seat reclines (near flat). My son gets tired of being in the seated position after an while and this feature allows him to hang out on his tummy play, and look around through the netting in the back of the stroller. It’s also a great feature for when he falls asleep for his nap, because I can recline to almost flat, which keeps him sleeping longer. I have not seen many strollers, except perhaps Phil and Ted’s, that allow for an older child (beyond basinette age), to lie almost flat, and get some tummy time in the stroller.

Because this stroller reclines so much, it is not recommended for jogging or running, but it is absolutely wonderful for walking around New York City. The large (12″), inflatable tires make it very easy to maneuver on any surface, including uneven sidewalks, curbs, grass, and even subway stairs (which I had the pleasure of negotiating earlier today).

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My stroller (re)search:

Posted by Alina on Thursday Jul 17, 2008 Under Baby Products

At first the search for the perfect stroller seemed overwhelming. I was about 30 weeks pregnant when I began going to baby stores and playing with all the different types. To make my search easier, I narrowed down my list of wanted features. I live in New York City, don’t own a car, and tend to walk a LOT. Stroller features I focused on were:
1. Large wheels – for a smooth ride and easy maneuvering of curbs and uneven sidewalks, as well as easier navigation through grass in the park and snow/ice in the winter.
2. Bassinet – for baby’s comfortable sleeping in the fist few months.
3. Reclining seat – for comfortable napping once my son gets a little older
4. Easy collapsibility – for easily folding the stroller when taking a bus, subway stairs, or getting it in and out of a rental car.
5. Something that would last a few years.

I found it very helpful going to the stores and actually trying to take strollers apart and put them back together. I narrowed my selection to the Baby Jogger City Series Elite, Bugaboo, and Stokke. All of the above come with a bassinet, have large wheels, and have very sturdy construction and are can support 40 lbs (Bugaboo), 45 lbs (Stokke) and 75 lbs (Baby Jogger).

I ended up purchasing the Baby Jogger because it was the easiest to collapse – one hand operation – while holding baby in the other arm. Both, the Bugaboo and the Stokke require use of both hands and multiple steps, and I thought the Bugaboo was a bit difficult to reassemble. All three make adapters to attach a car seat to the stroller frame. My son hated being in the car seat, so I didn’t use this feature. If you purchase the bassinet for the Baby Jogger ($199.99), it comes with the multiple car seat adapters for the Graco, Peg Perego, Britax, Maxi Cosi and other car seats, which otherwise retail for about $60. The Stokke car seat adapter is $79.99, and the Bugaboo adapter is $44.95 (for one type of car seat of your choice).

I’m very happy with the stroller we got. However, in hind site, I realize it is missing one feature that I would have liked to have, the ability to have the baby facing me once we’re on the go. Once my son turned 2 months, he was no longer happy to be in the bassinet, and when I put him in the regular seat (reclined), I found out that he likes looking around, but after a little while, he get upset, because he cannot see me (and probably thinks I’m not there). Thus, every block or so, I have to go around the stroller and talk to him for a few seconds, so he knows I’m near. I’m sure he will soon outgrow this stage, but now looking back, I see that being in Manhattan, I hardly ever need to collapse the stroller when I am by myself. And if my husband is with me, I can hold the baby and he can collapse the stroller, so it doesn’t have to be a one hand operation. Although I am pleased with the many features of the Baby Jogger, I probably would have chosen otherwise knowing what I now know.

Baby Jogger Pram/ Basinette

Baby Jogger Pram/ Bassinet

Baby Jogger City Series Elite

Baby Jogger City Series Elite



Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory

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