Door Jumpers

Posted by Alina on Friday Oct 31, 2008 Under Baby Products

A reader recently wrote in with a question about door jumpers. I bought the Graco Jumpster. It got great reviews from people on the internet and the moms I know personally. The jumper has three cords attached to the seat, making it very easy to get the baby in and out. It also has a mechanism that prevents these chords from twisting. The tray on the Graco jumper helps prevent the baby from hitting their head on the edge of the doorway when he gets extra excited. I found the Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper more pleasing aesthetically, but many of the reviews I read, mentioned that the way the ropes attached to the seat made it difficult to place the baby in and out, and the ropes would twist when the baby turned in place. Many moms I talk to, have the Graco jumper and love it. My son, who is now almost 7 months old, has never really taken to it. He would seem happy for a couple of minutes, but would quickly get bored, even with toys attached. He seems to prefer being on the floor.

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