Engaging toy for an infant

Posted by Alina on Friday Dec 26, 2008 Under Baby Products

boomboxMy infant son has been a really big fan of a particular toy we received as a gift. The Pop Tunes Boom Box, by Little Tikes, has been the one single toy that has held his interest for many months, and still continues to provide surprising stretches of entertainment. This is a plastic boombox that plays 4 melodies when a certain button is pressed. There is a spinning disk, which my son seems absolutely fascinated with, along with a button that makes several sounds, a spinning plastic ball which contains many tiny balls, and a few other parts that move and make noise. This toy has been able to calm him when he’s crying, keep his interest during the “witching hours” in the evenings, and has been of interest for discovery and exploration for him longer than any of his other toys. He liked hearing the music and watching the lights early on (about 3 months) and now that he is almost 9 months, he enjoys manipulating the different buttons and sounds in addition to the audio and visual stimuli. I would highly recommend this one for the young and the curious.

P.S. A friend of mine said she has this same toy in blue and the music is too loud, she checked out ours (yellow), and said it sounded much nicer.

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