How do moms ever get things done?

Posted by Alina on Sunday Oct 12, 2008 Under useful tips

When you start a new job, you usually get some sort of training and there is a period of adjustment where you learn all the small things before you canĀ  take on responsibilities fully and complete projects independently. In the first weeks of coming home with a newborn, I felt like it was much tougher than any job I’ve ever had, there was no training period, I was expected to know how to do something that I had never done before, and I was suddenly working 24 hours a day with very limited sleep of 1-2 hour intervals. I had suddenly gained a new appreciation and respect for anyone who is a parent.

My son is now six months old but I have been thinking about this because I spoke to a friend who recently gave birth and she mentioned that she was having a hard time getting out of the house at appointed times. I knew the exact feeling. My advice for the first few weeks is: don’t try to get too much done. Make one goal for the day, keep it simple, for example, “Today, I will buy some soap”. Don’t plan on getting out at a specific time, just plan on getting out of the house at some point and getting one small thing done. This way, you will not add unnecessary pressure on yourself, and will feel good because you will have set a goal and accomplished it. And if you could not get to it today, then there’s always tomorrow.

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