How to keep fellow travelers patient when your baby is crying

Posted by Alina on Monday Sep 22, 2008 Under useful tips

Do you remember traveling before you had kids of your own? Perhaps you have encountered a screaming baby somewhere on the plane that drove you a little crazy. Your first impression of this poor little guy or girl was probably not the most favorable and you may recall what you were feeling or thinking to this day, probably feeling a bit guilty now.
Once I became a mom, a woman named Ellen shared a great piece of wisdom with me and I got to try it out this past week, while on an eleven-hour train ride from NYC to Montreal, Canada, with my husband and five-month old son.
Early on the trip, it’s a good idea to walk around with your baby when he/she is in a good mood and let people meet him/her happy and smiling. They will get to meet an adorable, smiling baby and this will help to soften their reactions and illicit greater sympathy if or when this same baby or toddler has a crying or screaming fit later during the trip. I was surprised how nice and engaging strangers are when you have a smiling baby in your arms.

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